The best nude beaches you can find

You are a click away from the World's hottest and most beautiful nude beaches

Nude swimming all over the world. Here you can find nudist beaches where you can and may be naked in Sweden, Greece, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and several other countries.

Do you want to swim naked close to where you live? Or far away on exotic beaches? Or maybe you prefer go naked on a smooth cliff of a Greek rocky island? We got it all for you - the small solitary little bay where you can relax all day in the sun with your loved one. Or the big thrilling beaches with hundreds of naked people, exciting and a lot of joy.  

Spain – you will love it when you find it >>

• And Spain in our hearts. Tips for Spanish beaches for all of us

who like nudity.

Greece – find your nude island in the sun >>

• Cliffs and beaches in Greece. Here you bathe naked in the Greek island world.

Italy – you are rewarded when you find the places>>

• Throw yourself in the Mediterranean without clothes. Tips on beaches where you bathe naked in Italy.

Sweden - there's always a nude beach near you >>

• People in Sweden can be naked anywhere anytime, even nude in public spots now and then. No, not really so, but on many beaches , even close to cities like Stockholm, Goteborg and Malmo, you can find a place for nudity and freedom.

Denmark – relaxed by nature >>

• Anywhere in Denmark. In our neighboring country you can be naked on almost all beaches. Tips on some major nude baths in the Danish kingdom.

Croatia – coming up for naked adventures >>

Croatia – lovely rock baths and fresh water

Who said the English are a shy people?  Tips on where you go in the UK to get naked in the beach.